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v-if vs v-show

April 11, 20202 MIN READ

v-if & v-show are part of the in-built directive in vue, a progressive framework for building user interfaces.

Both directive play a very significant role when it comes to rendering data conditionally in vue. Quite a few people may be able to spot out the difference as result of their experience over time with the directives.

But if paraventure , you happen not to understand this concept, this article got you covered.


With our basic knowledge of JavaScript, the if condition is not strange , with that being said, the v-if is a conditional directive in vue that is used to add or remove content from the DOM. The content will only be rendered if the directive’s expression returns a truthy value.

<p v-if ="true">Hello</>
<p v-if ="false">world</>


This is a conditional directive in vue that renders based on the CSS display property.

In other words, it is used to show or hide content in the DOM . what this means is, whenever we want to change content frequently in our application, the v-show is very handy, for e.g a navbar toggle to show and hide menu bearing in mind that our content is still very much part of the DOM

<p v-show="false">Hello</>
<p v-show ="true">world</>

To practice more , visit vue documentation

Code sandbox sample demo

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